A word re: Arcade Japan Pricing

So it seems that in many cases, this month the cheeky scamps over at Arcade World UK have dropped their prices on Sanwa / Seimitsu goods. These price cuts have been anything but arbitrary; no, in some cases the cuts have been frankly massive (for example, a Sanwa GT-Y Gate was an eye-watering £4.75, and is now… Read More »

SLS / Aoki Stools have landed!

We know a number of you have been waiting for the SLS/Aoki stools to come back into stock, and we’re pleased to say that after a fairly torturous three month wait whilst they crossed the sea on a very slow boat from Japan, they have finally arrived here in London! In addition to red stools, this time… Read More »

New arrivals! Taito cabinet art back in stock!

When Arcade Japan first opened, we had a nice little range of new-old-stock artwork for the Taito Egret 2 and Egret 3. Whilst we were sure this stuff would be popular, we had no idea how quickly it would fly out the door; so it is with much pleasure that we can announce that it… Read More »

What is wrong with the arcade scene, and how to fix it…

Back in the Seventies, Eighties and (to a degree) the early Nineties, running an arcade was a viable business and did very well in the West. Why? Well, simply, you could still have experiences in the arcade which were not really possible at home. Back then, arcade machines were things of wonder, filled with impressive… Read More »


As a new website, our stock list is growing all the time, and we have lots of stuff on the way. Here are some of the highlights for you: SLS/Aoki Arcade Stools – 43cm Velour – When the site went live last week, we had five of these available, freshly imported from Japan. We didn’t expect… Read More »

Dude, what’s with the dinosaurs?

You’ll have noticed that Arcade Japan has a mascot team made up of Chibi characters in tiny dinosaur Cosplay. Why? Well, simple really, we like dinosaurs and we wanted to give the website an identity as we felt without graphics it would look too plain. Whilst certain other arcade sites have made use of characters from various… Read More »

And we’re off!

Arcade Japan is go! After many months of hard graft, the website is live! We’ll be adding loads of exciting new products over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled. Not literally, that would be weird.