Dude, what’s with the dinosaurs?

By | November 9, 2014

You’ll have noticed that Arcade Japan has a mascot team made up of Chibi characters in tiny dinosaur Cosplay.

Why? Well, simple really, we like dinosaurs and we wanted to give the website an identity as we felt without graphics it would look too plain.

Whilst certain other arcade sites have made use of characters from various games, we feel it would be remiss of us to appropriate another company’s intellectual property, hence our unique mascot team.

Without further ado, here is a run down of who we have so far:

Rekkusu is a little girl who likes to dress as a red Tyrannosaurus Rex. She is Arcade Japan’s main mascot.

Rekkusu - Arcade Japan


Ankylo is Rekkusu’s older cousin and best friend. He is very protective of her, and is much larger than the other dinos. He dresses as an Ankylosaurus and doesn’t talk much.

Ankylo - Arcade Japan


Kyōjaku is Rekkusu and Ankylo’s school friend. He is very small for his age, quite weak and sickly, but he is extremely intelligent and very loyal. He dresses as a Pterodactyl.

Kyōjaku - Arcade Japan


Toriaku is the school bully and is not well liked, however Rekkusu invites him along anyway as she sees that there is good in him. Somewhere.

Toriaku - Arcade Japan


It’s weird creating a back story for random little characters. It feels kind of odd, but I dare say this is how all fiction is created. So anyway, now you know what the dinosaurs are all about!

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