By | November 9, 2014

As a new website, our stock list is growing all the time, and we have lots of stuff on the way.

Here are some of the highlights for you:

SLS/Aoki Arcade Stools – 43cm Velour – When the site went live last week, we had five of these available, freshly imported from Japan. We didn’t expect there to be such a huge demand for these, and they are by far the most viewed item on our site. On this basis, we have two more boxes on their way to us right now, in red and blue.

SLS/Aoki Arcade Stool


JAMMA Switching Power Supply Units – These are something we do not yet have on the site. We have been busily testing various power supplies and had settled upon one which we felt had both good build quality but also offered good value for money. Unfortunately, when our stock arrived we noticed that it was not CE marked! We have revised our order and now have CE and ROHS compliant power supplies on the way. Image from manufacturer’s website.

JAMMA Switching PSU


Wei-Ya Monitor Chassis – 25″ – 29″ – As most of us know, Wei-Ya chassis are about the only freely available CRT chassis still in production, so we’re getting some in. Image from manufacturer’s website (apologies, it’s not great!).

Wei-Ya Chassis

Seimitsu LS-60 arcade sticks – these have had excellent user reviews on the various arcade forums, and we have been specially requested to get them into stock. Image from manufacturer’s website.

Seimitsu LS-60 Arcade Sticks

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