New arrivals! Taito cabinet art back in stock!

By | December 7, 2014

When Arcade Japan first opened, we had a nice little range of new-old-stock artwork for the Taito Egret 2 and Egret 3. Whilst we were sure this stuff would be popular, we had no idea how quickly it would fly out the door; so it is with much pleasure that we can announce that it is all back in stock again! Take a look below for a quick run-down of what we have in store:

Taito Egret 3 Body Sticker Sheet (Side-art)

Commonly referred to as side-art, the Egret 3 set is a beautiful glossy purple and white and will make an amazing replacement for a perfectly restored machine. Please note these are in finite supply, so think carefully about which machine you apply them to and research applying side-art first (we would recommend the soapy water method).


Taito Egret 3 Illumination Panel

We were surprised by how much demand there are for these awesome screen-printed plastic parts that fill the top light-bar of the machine, considering they are not something commonly removed from machines thus we would think they aren’t missing very often, but apparently so. Please note: The same part for the Egret 2 is no longer available and we cannot get any.



Taito Egret 3 Instruction Space

A simple, quality piece of thin white card printed with the requisite art-work for Egret 3 which goes under the instruction space glass and makes the machine look “complete” even when you don’t have a move-strip in the machine. Often these are soaked by spilled drinks, so an official  replacement is a great choice.



Taito Egret 2 Instruction Space

Similar to the Egret 3 space, but with artwork for the ever-popular Egret 2 machine. Taito tell us these are the very last ones available, so be quick!



See the full range of artwork we have available, or why not get a brand new official Taito marquee holder suitable for the Taito Egret 2, Taito  Egret 3 or Sammy AWSD?

More cool junk coming soon… :)

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