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Welcome to the Arcade Japan blog!

Having been members of the Japanese candy cabinet arcade scene here in the UK for quite some time, we continued to be, frankly, disgusted by the ridiculous mark-up some of the web-shops would put on arcade parts. This hobby has a tight-knit community, with a lot of forum activity, and the general feeling is that we don’t like being taken advantage of.

This being the case, we decided it was high time somebody offered the parts we all need, locally, but at prices you won’t need a mortgage for, and we strive to provide the service that we, as enthusiasts ourselves, would like to receive.

Sounds simple right? Well we launched on the 1st November, so we’ll soon see!

Off to a flying start, we have already received some great feedback from notable members of the arcade community (handily attributed to their forum handles), with “First rate customer service” – CPS2, and “A very welcome and reliable resource and highly recommended.” – Crunchywasp being two of the highlights so far. You can read the full versions of these testimonials, and others, over on our Testimonials page on the main website.

Arcade Japan is the brain-dump of Ross MacDougall, known online as Devil Soundwave, who can most often be found lurking at Arcade Otaku. He lives in London, UK with his partner Jen and his tiny sidekick Joshua, both of whom have been roped into helping out. Ross says he likes Shmups best, but is really not terribly good at them (or any arcade game for that matter, save for Puzzle Bobble 2X on the Taito F3 which is the only game he has ever managed to 1CC!). Josh likes Snow Bros best. Jen likes Strictly Come Dancing, so she’s best left to her own devices…

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